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Thank you for joining us in 2019. Watch out for details on 2020 coming soon.

What is The Leasing.com London Motor & Tech Show?

If you missed 2019, this is what some of the motoring press had to say about the event…

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We’ll be updating our website with pictures and videos from 2019 shortly and details of the 2020 event.

Hope to see you there.

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What happened at the 2019 London Motor Show

With loads to see and do at the London Motor & Tech Show – adults, kids and big kids alike hd an amazing time, have a look below to see what you missed.

The Cars

With over 200 cars from the top manufacturers – including the latest cars on sale now, new vehicles, the latest electric and hybrid cars, supercars, used cars to experience and buy at the show, modified cars, classic cars, trucks and more, the show was bigger than ever and will keep on growing.

The Motors.co.uk Live Stage

Central to the weekends fun, Experts, suppliers and celebrities hosted a packed programme of sessions on the Motors.co.uk Live Stage. Including some of the most famous names in the industry, as well as manufacturer experts and sports personalities.

Seethe full Motors.co.uk Live Stage line up here

The full schedule of content was brought to you in association with show partner Motors.co.uk

Imperial Cars Live Drive Arena

Another roaring success in 2019, the Imperial cars Live Drive Arena had more stunt displays, supercars on parade and celebrity sessions, plus exhilarating passenger rides.

Some of the UK’s best-known automotive celebrities were pitted against each other and some of the most amazing cars ever made were paraded through the ring, including a brace of Bugattis and a £2million Jaguar!

See the full line up here

Among the packed schedule,  precision driver Paul Swift returned with an even better show, which included his amazing Mustang Bullit, a black cab and his take on a London bus!

Entertainment & Activities at the show

Beyond the cars, the Motors.co.uk Live Stage and the Imperial Cars live arena, was some amazing live entertainment. From drift rides, model racing, a huge lego build and car wrapping live to simulators, record breakers and a fantastic Wall of Death.

See our full entertainment and activity breakdown here.

Bigger, Better & Faster.

With more cars, more exhibitors and more space, The Leasing.com London Motor & Tech Show had something for everyone. and will be back in 2020, EVEN BIGGER!

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